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Injury Compensation with Claim Line 365

Making a claim can be daunting especially if you have not made a claim before. At Claim line 365 we have a panel of expert Personal Injury Solicitors who can help you with making a claim for Personal Injury.

The process of making a claim is quite simple. Once you have spoken to the solicitors and signed the No Win No Fee Agreement , the solicitors will deal with the insurance companies and submit your claim for processing . During this time a decision on liability is normally awaited to see who was at fault. Once this is established you are normally required to attend either a virtual or face to face appointment with a doctor just to confirm what injuries you have suffered and how long for. Once this is complete the claim is underway.

With the help of our Personal Injury Solicitors ,we have helped many clients claim compensation for injuries that they have suffered as a result of a non fault accident .

Once you get in touch with us we will direct your claim to one of our panel solicitors who will be able to process the claim for you .

Their friendly legal services advisers will call you to talk about your claim and give you free, no-obligation advice. If you win your case, your solicitor’s success fee will be taken from the compensation you are awarded –which is up to a maximum of 25%.You pay no fees upfront and you pay nothing if you lose . Your solicitor will discuss any fees before starting your case.It is always best to clarify the fees directly with them. Please note the fees will never exceed 25% of the compensation amount.

We can also help you claim any uninsured losses and compensation for injury suffered as a result of the accident by passing your contact details to one of our Panel Solicitors who will be able to represent you and act on your behalf to get you the compensation that you deserve.
At Claim Line 365 we help you handle the unfortunate circumstance of being involved in an accident.From reporting your claim and arranging a hire vehicle to getting your vehicle repaired. We assist you to get you back on the road. Unfortunately we cannot turn back time but we can offer you the support necessary to make sure everything is handled correctly and in a timely fashion. If you have been involved in an accident and unsure what to do then contact us. We can help arrange a hire vehicle for you and get your repairs done by an approved deale Contact our friendly, legally trained team today on 0203 813 9654 or simply fill out our brief online claim form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
This website has been built to provide information and guidance to anyone who is looking to make a claim for personal Injury. Personal injury claims can result from many different types of accidents. When making a claim for Personal Injury the claim is for the injury that you have suffered from as a result of the accident and not just a claim that can be made for simply being involved in an accident
Below is a list of the most common types of accidents that result in injury compensation claims being made. The list below is not exhaustive but should provide you with enough information to get started . If you cannot find the claim type that you are looking to claim for- simply post an enquiry today

In a nutshell a claim for Personal Injury must meet the following criteria

To make a claim, you must be involved in a non-fault accident... In order to make a compensation claim, you must not have been deemed at fault for the accident.

The Accident must have happened within the last 3 years...        Although you can make a claim within 3 years of the accident date, claims that have occurred over 1 year ago are questioned as to why the claim was not made before. This can sometimes make it difficult to obtain the full compensation amount you are entitled to.

Must have suffered from an Injury following the accident...          You must have suffered from an injury as a result of the accident which lasted a minimum of 6 weeks. One of the most common types of injuries that people claim compensation for is Whiplash as a result of a Road Traffic Accident.

To make a claim you will require the third party details...              The third party is normally the person who is responsible for causing the accident and is held responsible. In case of Road Accidents, this is the Vehicle Registration number of the person who has caused the road traffic accident collision. In Case of other types of accidents, this could be the employer or even the name of the shopping centre etc where the accident happened.

Types of Accident

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