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Accident and Emergency Compensation

Accident and Emergency Departments offer lifesaving and essential services. Accidents and medical emergencies are a part of life and anyone might need to visit Accident and Emergency Department at some point. The medical staff working in the Accident and Emergency Departments are always on their toes due to the very nature of the job. And accidents and emergencies need immediate attention and utmost care. The healthcare workers have to rush the patients fast to the appropriate medical unit as soon as possible. Their efforts must be appreciated however sometimes due to a sudden surge in emergencies the staff capacity is overwhelmed and you have to face neglect. But Accident and Emergency services are time-critical, a slight delay may cost one’s life, a mishandling may cause lifetime damage. Hence, negligence at the A&E department may even lead to pay accident and emergency compensation.

What is Accident and Emergency Compensation?

This is the compensation given to a person who has suffered negligence or injury during treatment. It may be a misdiagnosis of a critical patient, any injury while handling, even a patient falling from a wheelchair due to mishandling falls in this category. The staff at the Accident and Emergency compensation department has to access the condition of a patient and either treat him or refer him for treatment as soon as possible without wasting any time. Healthcare professionals are also human beings and mistakes are bound to happen sometimes no matter how skillful they are, how much experience they have or how good their intent has been. So, if you or someone you know had suffered any situation like this, he has faced accident and emergency negligence and is eligible to file for Accident and Emergency compensation claim. According to a survey, more than 1 million people in the UK use Accident and Emergency Department services, and hence in some cases there are high chances of mistakes. We believe healthcare professionals work really hard but mistakes in case of serious patients can lead to death. And where life is involved utmost care has to be taken whether its diagnosis or during treatment.

It’s to be noted that every claim doesn’t amount to injury compensation. There may be negligence but if there is no injury, there may be no claim.

What is the NHS?

NHS stands for National Health Service which is part of a public-funded healthcare system. There are four systems in the UK each for four countries- NHS England, NHS Scotland, NHS Wales, Health and Social Care Northern Ireland. Every injury compensation claim is handled by the NHS Litigation Authority. The good fact is that more than 90% of the cases are settled out of court and hence almost all cases are fast-tracked and resolved in a fast manner. It’s to be noted that every claim doesn’t qualify for injury compensation. Our No Win No fee solicitors can help you assess to see if you have a claim and if you are eligible to run your personal injury claim on a No Win No fee basis

When can you file for the accident and emergency compensation claim?

Claim Line 365 have observed that most of the cases of accident injury claims and emergency compensation arise out of the following situations:-

1. A bad diagnosis can lead to a bad course of treatment which can be life-threatening to an already critical patient.

2. A bad medication arising out of a bad misdiagnosis or lack of experience of the doctor on duty. This again can deteriorate things fast causing further damage to the health of a patient.

3. Mishandling during moving of patient from one place to another in the hospital. It may be patient’s body part hitting other things, removal of life-saving equipment while movement, or choosing an incorrect mode of movement taking the patient’s health into consideration.

4. Misreporting of test reports. This error generally originates from the testing department and may arise from lapse of concentration in testing Lab computer operator.

5. Misinterpretation of test reports. This arises when the doctor or other medical staffs on duty is unable to interpret the test results and hence chose treatment based on misinterpreted information or assumptions. However, this is very rare of other reasons as highly professional staff is deployed in the Accident and Emergency Department.

6. Patient not referred to relevant tests. A patient of X-ray referred for MRI.

7. Usage of expired medications. Again this is the rarest reason. However, the possibility of an expired stock can’t be ignored and increasingly considerable in the case of life-saving medications.

8. Negligence on bed or wheelchair. There have been cases when a patient has fallen from bed when both sides of the bed are not properly cushioned. Sometimes this fall can cause more damage or even death. Sometimes patients have fallen from wheel-chair causing physical injuries.

9. Premature discharge of a patient. A patient has to be discharged only if his health condition has improved to a level that his life is out of danger and no need for deployment of medical equipment.

10. There may be a situation when the patient has a history and it was already informed to the healthcare staff.  However, during treatment that was ignored or forgotten and the patient suffered complications. If the Medical Negligence lawyers prove that a later deterioration could have been avoided by taking proper care, then that again may account for accident injury claim and negligence compensation.

11. Failing to note health deterioration. There may be situations when the staffs were unable to carefully monitor the health status of a critical patient.

How to claim for Accident and Emergency Compensation?

1. Whenever you or anyone has suffered from medical complications arising from accident and negligence, you should consult your personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Your personal injury lawyer will arrange an independent assessment from a medical expert who can report your condition and document it appropriately for claim proceedings.

2. Claiming a personal injury and negligence may sound easier however law works on proofs. And your personal injury lawyer will help collect evidence from your medical history, hospital records, witness statements, etc. The medical care given at the Accident and Emergency Department will be then matched with other industry standards and cross-verified. If deviation is found from industry standards, your case becomes strong and your chances to get accident and emergency compensation get higher. As a complaining person, the burden of proving all medical negligence falls on you.

3.  You have to make claim for accident and emergency compensation within 3 years of your treatment. After 3 years have passed you are ineligible to file the claim. Claim proceeding should be initiated as soon as possible otherwise there are chances of proof deterioration or invalidation of evidence over time. Your own injury may heal over time and that may turn your case weak. You are recommended to contact your personal injury lawyer at Claim Line 365 at the earliest to assist you.

How much can I claim for Accident and Emergency Compensation?

The compensation amount depends on how much physical and psychological injury one has suffered. The compensation amount also depends on whether the neglect had a short term or long term complications. A case of fatality may attract maximum possible compensation if negligence proved. You can also claim for loss of income, physiotherapy costs, and other expenses arising due to your injury.

To assist financially, sometimes an Interim Payment paid which is the payment before reaching a final settlement. This is in the cases where the patient had already a bad financial condition to take care of medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Why do you need Claim Line 365?

1. The Personal Injury Lawyers at Claim Line365 has vast experience in dealing with Accident and Emergency compensation cases. Our Personal injury lawyers will help you claim and receive the highest possible compensation for injury.

2. Claim Line 365’s panel solicitors work only on a NO WIN NO fee basis . This means that they do not charge in advance and our Solicitors will only charge from the compensation amount they acheive. We understand that you may be already suffering physical, psychological, and financial stress. And we charge only if you win your compensation. We believe financial stress should not deter you from fighting for your rights. Being a responsible law agency, Claim Line 365 can help you claim injury compensation following an accident through its expert panel of Personal injury solicitors.

3. The process for filing a claim for Accident and Emergency Compensation may prove hectic especially when you or your near ones are suffering from some medical complications. At Claim Line 365, our personal injury lawyers will take away all your headaches of filing and collecting evidence. Our personal injury solicitors will help you understand the legal terms and assist you like your true friend in need.

4. A single person will be in touch with you right from the beginning till the end. You can reach to our assigned Personal Injury Solicitor over call, text, or email.

5. Claim Line 365’s Personal injury lawyers offer free of cost consultation. They are very honest with clients and tell you straight if you are eligible for accident and emergency compensation claims. They give you all the possible options and suggestions depending on your particular case.

How we help you- No Win No Fee Solicitors?

1. First you reach out to us mentioning your complaint.

2. In subsequent meetings, our personal injury lawyer assesses your case, medical records, and gives you honest feedback if you are eligible for a claim or not.

3. Then our personal injury solicitor work on collecting evidence starting from your independent assessment.

4. Then we charge only if you win. Our fee is never a burden on you.

If you have had an accident then contact our friendly team today on 0203 813 9654  or simply fill out our contact form and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Call us 0203 813 9654 today and see how we can help you.
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