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Child Birth Injury Claims

The United Kingdom has one of the advanced healthcare systems in the world. The highly skilled healthcare professionals work day-night with full dedication. Their job is of that kind where they have to ensure the presence of mind and concentration. The same goes with the staff working in childbirth or maternity departments. The staffs have to ensure near perfection to avoid any complications.

No matter how advanced the healthcare system is, birth accidents keep occurring frequently. Sometimes even a good-looking case of normal childbirth can have complications if the maternity care staffs are unable to monitor the mother’s condition carefully. Sometimes the new-born is not taken care of carefully and we have to see unfortunate outcomes thereafter. The pregnant mother has to be taken care of right from the onset of pregnancy and has to be carefully monitored for any associated risks and proper pre-child birth medications, injections, etc. The developing foetus has to be monitored while in pregnancy for any abnormalities, infections, or any other child birth-related medical conditions. Mistakes here may cause birth injury or birth accidents and may even cause loss of life or lifetime disabilities. These  leads to birth injury claims being made, Ironically medical mistakes are occurring more frequently these days which are having life-changing consequences for both mother, baby and in some cases for whole family. In case there are birth defects caused by accidents, the child may develop disabilities becoming burden for the family. Hence, preventing birth related injury should be on high priority for healthcare staffs and hence strict laws are there in cases of medical negligence. And in such cases, the suffering families can file for medical negligence claims.

NHS Official data 2000- 2010:  Child Birth Claims at a glance

According to NHS Litigation Authority reports, Maternity claims represent the highest value and second-highest number of clinical negligence claims. All records of maternity or child birth claims were analysed from 1st April 2000 to 31st March 2010 and it was found that there were in all 5,087 maternity claims made. The total amount of these Birth injury claims was a huge £3.1 billion. And as per child birth records during same time period from 2000 to 2009; it was found that around 5.5 million babies were born.




Claim Line 365 Personal Injury Solicitors have been helping many get their child birth injury claims and other personal injury claims.

Common negligence in Birth Injury Claims cases:-

1. Lack of On-going pregnancy Monitoring- The mothers should be medically checked to ensure vital dietary components required for a healthy child. The developing foetus should be screened for any defects or abnormalities. There may be defects in the growing foetus and in such cases, the pregnancy can be terminated. It is allowed to terminate a pregnancy if the developing baby is found to have Down Syndrome, heart defects, brain defects or any other defect in other vital organs.

2. Lack of proper medication during pregnancy- Pregnant females have to follow a medical routine throughout their pregnancy. These medicines and injections are meant to keep the mother and developing baby free from infections. In case, there has been any case of ignorance of prescribed schedule, this can again count to birth defects caused by accident in future. Mothers can contract septicaemia or blood poisoning caused by Urinary Tract Infection. And it becomes increasingly important to treat such dangerous infections.

3. Negligence during Labour- If there has been use of infected, unclean tools, improper use of vacuum extractor or forceps. The midwives have to be extremely careful at the time of labour and any mistake here can lead to serious complications.

4. Improper handling of Pregnancy Complications- A normal pregnancy can turn complicate anytime if not taken care properly. And complicated case handling may require proper planning and experience. The mother may have birth related injury like pre-eclampsia leading to high blood pressure, stroke risk, seizures and multiple organ failure.

5. During and after birth Injury to new-born- The new-born baby has to be monitored carefully at least for next 24-48 hours after birth. New-borns heart functions and respiratory functions have to be taken care of to avoid any complications arising from lack of oxygen. Due to lack of oxygen, the new-born can have seizures, have strokes, cerebral palsy. The new-born body parts are delicate; any misadventure during birth can cause fractured bones, damage to nerves, internal bleeding and even paralysis.

6. After the birth injury to Mother- Sometimes everything goes fine till child birth but complications arise to the mother due to perinatal tears, surgical injuries, bad stitches or infections in the stitches. A negligent C-section can cause damage to vital organs to mothers and may cause lifetime side-effects.

7.  There are cases when the foetal tissues are not cleared from the mother’s uterus in case of miscarriage or stillbirth. Anything dead left inside the body can cause infections and can be life-threatening.

8. Miscarriage or Stillbirth- Like mentioned pregnant females should be regularly checked for any foetal defects and proper medical treatment should be given to avoid any complications. If miscarriage or stillbirth happens, this can make a strong case for medical negligence claim.

9. Injury in Ambulance- In such cases, the mother suffers any internal or external injury due to negligent driving by the ambulance driver. There may be birth related injury due to mishandling of the mother while taking her out of Ambulance.

10. Delay in Treatment- Pregnancy-related cases has to be dealt in time and on a high priority basis. If there is any delay in treatment or administration of vital medications, this may again make a strong case of medical negligence claim.

11. Inadequate administration of Anaesthesia- Inadequate dosage of anaesthesia can lead to a traumatic childbirth experience especially in case of C-sections. This can result in psychological damage to the mother.  

Factors affecting Child Birth-

There are various factors that can affect a child birth. Some of them are:-

1. The health condition of the mother before labour starts. The mother may have anaemia and loss of blood can cause serious complications in such cases. The mother should be well nourished. A mother suffering from malnutrition or imbalanced diet may experience complications during birth and possible birth injury.

2. The quality of diagnosis.

3. Skill and experience of the medical staff. Unskilled or inexperienced staff can cause mismanagement of complications and medical negligence. Maternity wards should have highly experienced staff.

4. Facilities available in the hospital. The hospitals should have required medical equipment and devices to monitor critical live stats related to the mother’s health.

5. Emergency facilities available in the hospital.

Types of Birth injuries:-

The birth related injury can be classified in many categories depending on birth injury on a particular organ or based on resultant complications. Some common birth related injuries are:-

1. Brain Injury- Injury to the brain of the new-born child.

2. Cerebral Palsy- Again Caused due to brain injury resulting in malfunctioning motor organs.

3. Delivery related cuts, tears, other injuries

4. Bone fractures due to harsh handling of the baby during delivery.

5. Wrongly stitched tears. Open stitches can lead to pain and make the patient prone to infections.

6. Any infections related to birth cuts, tears.

7. Improper administration of anaesthesia

8. Misdiagnosed pre-eclampsia.

Why should you make a Birth Injury Claim?

A birth related injury can lead to physical, psychological damages. The impact can be shirt term or in case of child defects, the impact can be for life time. The mother or child may have to take physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to overcome injury or defects. There may be a loss of income for working women. And the emotional trauma arising from a child birth injury can’t be measured. You have the right to complain and get compensation. The compensation claims amount may depend on the extent of damage suffered. Claim Line 365 is there for you to help fight for your right of good medical treatment and compensation.  

How Claim Line 365 can help you?

1. Free Consultation- Personal Injury lawyers at Claim Line 365 offer free consultation to all our potential clients. Our medical negligence lawyer keeps your information confidential and analyse your case strength. We are here to provide you with any legal consultation at any point you need.

2. No Win No Fee - Claim Line 365 offers No win No fee-based agreements to most clients. We understand that you have been already suffering through physical, psychological, and financial stress and we don’t believe in draining you until you win your claim. We charge you only after you receive your compensation for Child birth injury claims. 

3. Expert Personal Injury Solicitors- The expert personal injury lawyers at Claim Line 365 have vast experience. We understand your case and give you honest advice about your medical negligence claim.

4. We take your headache- Our expert personal injury solicitors help you in collecting evidence, documentation. In short, we take your headache away.

5. Immediate Support- You will have the contact number of your assigned Personal injury Lawyer. They will be just a mail or call away. They will give you the best possible advice for your questions and queries.

6. Maximum payment of 25% of the compensation- This means you will need to pay a maximum of 25% of your medical negligence claim compensation to us.

So, if you have faced medical negligence or child birth injury, you can contact personal injury claim experts at Claim Line 365 and we will help you file your medical negligence claim.

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