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Frequently Asked Questions

When wanting to make a  claim for Personal Injury , you may have many questions that spring to mind. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions but if you do not find teh answer to your quesry here,please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help

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Can I claim for children under 16?

Yes. A Person who is under the age of 18 is classed as a minor in the eyes of the law. A Minor cannot instruct a solicitor to make an accident claim themselves. Minors will need to be represented by an adult. The adult that is representing the child throughout the personal injury claim is known as their 'next friend'. The 'next friend' can be a parent or legal guardian.

If a child does not make a claim until the age of 18, they have upto to 3 years after they turn 18 to make a claim for an accident that they were involved in.

Can I receive compensation for losses other than my injury?

In short YES.  This is called claiming for Special damanges. This will be added onto your personal injury claim and all damages can be compensated for. Some of the examples of damages you can claim for are as follows;

  • Medical expenses, scans, xrays, medication
  • Household expenses
  • Costs associated with cancelled trips or altered plans
  • Broken phones/tablest
  • Ongoing treatments
  • Adjustments made to home to accomodate the impact of injury
  • Vehicle damage and repairs cost
  • Credit hire replacement vehicles
  • Gym membership sign up fees which you have lost out on as you could not go due to injury but had to pay gym fees

You can claim for any uninsured losses that came about as a result of the accient.

If you are unsure about what losses you can include in your compensation claim, then please contact us on 0203 813 9654. Our team will be happy to help.

Can I make a claim against a family member?

Yes. This is very common and does not affect the policy of the family member. It is vital to know that you do not claim against the family member themselves but against their policy. If you are claiming agianst a family memebr you may feel guilty but there is no further impact caused by you making a claim.

Once your family member has caused an accident and was at fault. The innocent party can claim and regardless if there are 10 people claiming injury compensation or just 1, the damage is done.

For example, if your family memeber had a fault accident and this was reported by either them or the other side, their premium would have gone up at the point that they were held liable. Now, if the other side brings forwrad a claim for injury compensation and instructs solciitors the premiums may go up further. From this point onwards anyone injured claiming would not affect the policy any further

Who pays my compensation?

Compensation is paid to you by the insurance company of the party who is at fault.

Therefore, making a compensation claim against someone who is at fault, will not need to pay compensation themselves. It will be paid by their insurance company. 

How do I finance my claim?

Most accident related injury compensation claims are made on a No Win No fee basis. If you are asked to pay legal fees by the hour, this normally means that the solciitor probably does not have faith in your case and therefore does not think its viable to process under a No win No Fee agreement. Click here for further information on No Win No Fee agreements 


Will I have to go for a medical assessment?

Most likely yes. The medical examination is really like a verbal statement being taken. During your medical assessment, you will be required to give a statement on your injuries. The doctor will normally ask you about the injuries you suffered as a result of the accident. Once you have given your statement, the doctor will then draft up a medical report will will then get sent directly to your acting solicitor.

Doe to COVID-19, most appointments are currently being done remotely over a zoom call. This means that you will not need to attend a medical center for this to be carried out. 

Will I have to go to Court?

Not Necessarily. Most Personal Injury Claims are settled before they reach court.

If the Third Party have accepted liability for the accident and your injuries, your solicitor will be able to negotiate a settlement figure without having to attend court. However, if the Third Party have denied liability for the accident and your injuries your solicitor will not be able to negotiate a suitable compensation amount. This will lead to your solicitor having to start court proceedings. 


How long does it take to make a claim?

It is impossible for anyone to predict the amount of time it will take to settle a perosnal injury claim. This is because each accident circumstance is different along with the extent of injuries. 

It also depends on the Third Party and how long they take to accept liablity.

Is there a time limit for making a claim?

You have upto 3 years from the date of the accident. However, in some cases the court may decide to extend a time limited depending on the circumstances of the case. 

Can I claim on someone else’s behalf?

In some circumstances, it is possible to claim compensation on behalf of someone else. For example, if a claimant is too young to represent themselves,then an adult can act on their behalf. 

If the claimant has suffered sevre injuries such as brain injury or suffers from mental health, and you are responsible for them, you can act on their behalf. 

Why do solicitors take 25% from my compensation?

The government deicded that when a claimant suceeds with their personal injury claim and was awarded a compensation settlement, they would have to contribute a maximum of 25% of any settlement amount awarded to their solicitor. This is paid to the solicitors for them to use towards their costs incurreced for the running of the personal injury claim.

What is ATE and do I need this?

ATE is After the Event Insurance. It is an insurance policy that provides clients with legal protection against paying the legal costs of the defendant. This is only used in the event that your compensation claim is unsuccessful. 

The solicitor will take this out for you, so this is not something that will need to be arranged by the claimant.

We had an accident and there was no collision with another car, can I still make a claim?

If there was no other party involved in the accident, you will need to establish who is at fault for the accident. If the driver is at fault for the accident and you were a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the accident, then you are entilted to make a compensation claim. 

The compensation claim that you make as a passenger in these circumstances, will mean you will be claiming against the driver at the time of the accident. 


Will policy premiums be affected if I claim against own driver?

No. If the driver is deemed at fault for the accident, their premiums have already been effected. 

This means by you making a claim against the driver will not effect the policy premiums anymore than they already have been. 

I did not go to the Doctors or GP, can I still claim?

Although it is important to seek medical attention after you have been involved in an accident, we understand that many people don't have time to attend the GP following an accident. 

If you have not attended a GP or Doctor following an road traffic accident, this does not mean you cannot make a injury compensation claim. 

If you have self medicated by taking pain killers at home for your injuries, you will be entilted to make a injury compensation claim. 

What injury can I claim for?

Types of injuries suffered depend on several factors, including the speed of the vehicles that were involved in the accident itself. The consequences of being involved in a Road Accident can be long lasting and devastating. Sometimes the effect of a car accident can be permanently life changing. Some of the more serious road accidents lead to Internal injuries, Amputation and in some cases even fatalities.

The most common type of injury suffered as a result of an accident is by far Whiplash, but people can also suffer from broken bones, bruising, lacerations and even internal organ trauma and head injuries.

No matter what type of injury you may have suffered from our expert solicitors can help you in making a claim and recover any associated costs that you may have incurred.

What is the criteria to make a claim for Personal Injury?

Making a claim for personal injury must meet the following criteria;

  • You must be involved in a non-fault accident
  • The accident must have happened within the last 3 years 
  • Must have suffered from an injury following the accident 
  • Must require third party details

What is No Win No Fee?

No Win No fee is simply a financial agreement which is also known as a conditional fee agreement or  (CFA) –This is an agreement between you and the acting solicitor, which means you will not have to pay their fee if they do not win your case. This means that you do not pay any legal fees or costs upfront – You will only pay them a fee of up to a maximum of 25% from the compensation you receive if you win.

What is Personal Injury?

Personal injury is an injury that you have suffered following an accident. The responsible person's insurance company will pay money to the injured person for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other ongoing medical expenses. 

If you want to claim compensation for a personal injury, you will need to get advice from a solicitor specialising in personal injury. This must be done as soon as possible as there are strict time limits on taking legal action.

If you’ve been injured in an accident which was not fault, it’s best to a speak to a legal adviser about the accident and injuries that you suffered from to see if you can claim injury compensation. You can reach them for free on 0203 813 9654

Accidents jdo not ust ‘happen’, and therefore the law allows you to claim compensation from anyone who has failed in their duty of care towards you,which resulted in causing your injuries.

The amount of compensation you receive depends on how badly you were injured and how long the injury lasted,. Things considered are whether your injury will affect your day-to-day life or did affect your day to day life, as well as any financial losses as a result of the accident such as spending on cab fares and other forms of travel, may be physiotherapy and massages to assist in recovering from your injuries.

Most types of claims need to be started within three years of the accident, but there are some exceptions to this. It is strongly advised that you start your claim asap as this makes your case stronger unless you have a valid reason to delay in making a claim

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    Disclaimer All our calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes. Claim Line 365 is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registration recorded on FCA the website We charge our solicitors for the marketing and operational services we provide, and these costs are not passed on to our customers.

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